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Endota Spa Eltham, Natural Therapeutics
Brunswick 3095

Inner Path is a Chinese medicine approach to Health and Empowerment. Dr Rachel Berners (Chinese medicine) is a Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist.

Contact:  0417 325 393.
@ Endota Spa Eltham, Victoria.
@ Natural Therapeutics, Brunswick, Victoria.
CMR0001739517AACMA 1746

My Writing


Innerpath Acupuncture


Allow the collapse,
Allow the falling away of what is not right for you,
Allow the pain and struggle,
Allow the release of outdated beliefs and conditionings that tell you who and what you are,
Allow the slow uncovering of your whole true self,
And allow yourself time to grieve,
Stop, breathe and know that you are being redirected by the divine intelligence that created you.

It's easy to think that we are in control of this game,
That we are the master,
But we are not,
There is something much greater than us at work,
It sees what we cannot,
It knows what we cannot fathom,
It holds the blueprint of our becoming.

So when you are in pieces,
When nothing makes sense anymore,
When desperation sets in,
Know that the divine force of God (source) is within you,
Because we cannot shine with such heavy baggage,
We were never meant to carry this load.

And when all has fallen away,
When we are standing in the vast blackness of nothing,
When we stop clinging to the old and familiar,
When we just relax in this place,
We realize that we were enough the whole time.

Allow the collapse,
And in the collapsing,
Allow yourself to Emerge anew,
Free of locks and chains,
Free of limitation and doubt,
Freedom to be Who You Really Are.

And as you Emerge,
Allow the coming together,
Of all that is meant for you,
Because the future you have dared to dream,
It's coming for you,
In the space of your alignment,
In the beauty of your surrender.