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Endota Spa Eltham, Natural Therapeutics
Brunswick 3095

Inner Path is a Chinese medicine approach to Health and Empowerment. Dr Rachel Berners (Chinese medicine) is a Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist.

Contact:  0417 325 393.
@ Endota Spa Eltham, Victoria.
@ Natural Therapeutics, Brunswick, Victoria.
CMR0001739517AACMA 1746

My Writing


Innerpath Acupuncture


Where am I?
I don't recognise this place,
Suspended between the old and the new,
All i see is the vast blackness of empty space.

I feel you,
Shaking the ground beneath my feet,
Reminding me of what is buried deep inside,
A gift long forgotten.

Who am I?
I don't recognise this person,
Now that all has fallen away,
This nakedness scares me.

Clinging to the old is a comfortable prison,
Where my fears run to hide,
But now i have come to this point of no return,
Something new is emerging.

I have done so much to keep this part of me hidden,
Been keeping it "under wraps",
Too afraid of what the world might say,
If i dare to let my Soul be heard.

But the time has come,
Something new is breaking through,
Something new is breaking free,
Something deep within me.

"Take another step", it says,
I want you to see yourself,
I want you to know yourself,
For Who You Really Are.

We can only rise by shedding,
We can only discover through losing,
As Soul emerges, the path becomes clear,
"Take another step", it says.

Step into the Unknown.