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Inner Path is a Chinese medicine approach to Health and Empowerment. Dr Rachel Berners (Chinese medicine) is a Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist.

Contact:  0417 325 393.
@ Endota Spa Eltham, Victoria.
@ Natural Therapeutics, Brunswick, Victoria.
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My Writing

We are here to expand

Innerpath Acupuncture


I believe that we are here to expand.

Life is a journey of consciousness, that gives us the opportunity to learn, grow, expand and awaken to our true (divine) nature.

The yearning of the soul to expand is innate, it comes from deep within. Like a seed that is destined to bloom into the magnificence of an oak tree. We are born from the body (mother earth), and it is our natural order to rise up and reach the heavens of the spiritual realm.

The challenge of the journey of life is that we inevitably encounter bumps along the road. Things go wrong. Life doesn’t go “as planned”. We get thwarted, disappointed and let down. We experience emotions such as grief, anger and fear, which lead to energetic blockages, commonly known in the Chinese medicine world as “stagnation”. If these emotions are not dealt with and resolved they create physical symptoms and even chronic illness patterns.

These bumps in the road, as awful as they may be to experience, are woven into the very fabric of life. Crisis is essentially part of the expansion process, and often precedes great transformation. We cannot have the up without the down, the light without the dark. This is the way of nature. Its how we deal with and respond to these life events that determines whether we stay stuck, or change, adapt and move with the greater current. If a tree grows and hits an obstacle in its path, if it doesn’t change course and learn to grow around the obstacle, it remains stuck, unable to move forward.

Chinese Medicine is a valuable resource to assist the body-mind in the process of expansion, and it can provide vital support, especially as we move through challenging life situations.

One of the core principles of Chinese medicine is to promote the free flow of Qi (energy), which assists in shifting and releasing stuck emotions from the body. When our Qi (energy) is moving harmoniously, we feel calm and centred, we accept rather than resist change, we learn, grow, adapt, move forward and embrace new possibilities in life. This doesn’t mean that we don’t feel things, it just means that we don’t allow ourselves to become paralysed by our external circumstances. In Chinese medicine, it is crucial to have flexibility and openness of mind so that we are able to see the “bigger picture” in life.

Expansion is the natural flow of life, as the soul grows it yearns to embrace the new and unknown. Every moment in life provides us with the opportunity to expand. When we move with the greater current and embrace the unknown, we are connecting to our divine nature. We are essentially part of the universe, ever expanding, ever awakening, and longing to experience itself through our unique lens.

Written by Rachel Berners, Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner & Cat Lover