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Inner Path is a Chinese medicine approach to Health and Empowerment. Dr Rachel Berners (Chinese medicine) is a Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist.

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My Writing

13 Paths to Wellness

Innerpath Acupuncture


Take the time for regular quiet stillness and self-reflection.
Be in silence with yourself regularly. This is the most basic form of meditation and self-care.

Become a witness.
Observe your thoughts without becoming excessively attached. Our thoughts are not who we really are, they are constructions of the mind. The mind likes to judge and create all kinds of un-realistic stories and expectations that keep us from being in the present. Create space between you and your thoughts. When we practice detachment, we stop resisting life and move into acceptance of what is.

Achieve balance between Doing and Being.
It is important to ask ourselves every now and again, ‘Is my life balanced between doing and being’. If we are doing too much without relaxing and experiencing the world we become easily trapped into a state of adrenal over-drive. This can lead to exhaustion and high cortisol levels. I often remind my patients who fall into this category to “take a moment and smell the roses”. For those of us who suffer from obsessive plan-making, block out a space in your week for “down-time”, where you have nothing to do and nowhere to be. Just enjoy the moment.

Spend time in nature regularly.
Being immersed in the natural environment reduces the effects of stress and lifts our energetic frequency. Nature has its own innate wisdom, it teaches us to slow down, breathe and be more flexible in life. It also opens up the heart energy, allowing us to see frustrations and problems from a higher perspective.

Take care of your physical body.
Move towards a diet and lifestyle that supports wellness. Eating fresh whole foods, drinking plenty of pure water, getting enough restful sleep and regular exercise are the building blocks of a strong and balanced physical body. Organic green vegetables should be eaten regularly to detox the liver and optimise Qi (energy) flow. Dealing with any addictions that we may have is also extremely important. Excessive caffeine, sugar, alcohol and recreational drugs all damage our body’s natural harmony. I believe it is important to not put too much pressure on ourselves in changing everything at once but slowly over time eliminate the things that no longer serve us.

Keep your Qi (energy) moving.
Engage in activities and therapies that restore and re-balance the body-mind equilibrium. Acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, qigong, massage and kinesiology all assist in maintaining healthy energy (Qi) flow in the body, as well as regulating stress and emotional issues. Just like a physical check up at the GP, we should also have regular energetic ‘tune-ups’ that help us to stay balanced and centred.

Release any negative attachments that you may have with other people. We must forgive those that we are still negatively attached to in order for us to heal. In some cases this may be a very difficult and painful process but as long as we are tied to another person in this way they are draining our energy and preventing us from progressing spiritually. This process may involve seeking professional help.

Do things in your life that bring you love and joy.
This does not involve doing things with another person, this is just you for yourself. Whether its gardening, knitting, driving to the mountains or the ocean, painting or playing music. Each soul has their own individual passions that connect them back into divine consciousness. When we do these things for ourselves we feel happy and joyous and dissolve into the moment.

Establish healthy personal boundaries in relationships.
Continually sacrificing ourselves for others or putting our own needs last so that we please others creates dysfunctional relationships. Setting healthy parameters to maintain our own health and balance ensures that we are not only serving ourselves but that we do not need to overly drain on the energy resources of our partners or friends. When we are balanced and filled with positive frequencies this is the gift that we give to our loved ones.

Re-wire negative thought patterns.
It is important to become aware of any negative thought patterns we may have that may be impacting us on a day to day basis. I have found that using affirmations is a great way to break negative thinking patterns. For example, when you wake up in morning what is your first thought? Is it positive or negative? Our first thought often sets the tone for our entire day. If the thought is negative or creating stress, replace it with a positive affirmation. An example may be, “I feel refreshed and energised for the day and I address all tasks in my day with confidence and ease”, or “life loves and supports me”. This may feel silly at first. After a few hundred times watch it start to shift your consciousness as you draw more and more positive experiences into your energy field.

Develop your sense of intuition and learn to trust it.
This requires us to let go of our logical and rational mind and embrace the unknown. When we live intuitively we open ourselves to the universal current of life and ‘go with the flow’. We start trusting our hunches and become aware of the subtle messages that guide us from above and beyond. Living intuitively is doing what we FEEL above what we THINK. It may guide us to take risks and make major changes.

Have the courage to be your authentic self.
You are beautifully unique. No’ one else in the world is like you so don’t compare yourself to others. Walk your own way and create your own path no matter how crazy it may feel at times. It is important for each and every one of us to discover our own individual purpose in life. When we realise the importance of our unique piece in the greater universal puzzle, we become fully connected with humanity and have appreciation for all of the other pieces that contribute to the world that we live in.

Practice gratitude.
Being gratuitous creates a feeling of peace and contentment. It helps us to appreciate and accept our current life situation (even if it isn’t ideal). It also opens up the channels of energy to receive. When we are not appreciative for what we currently have and become fixated on what we feel we need to have before we can be happy we create a block that prevents it from flowing into our life. Be thankful for what you have right now.

Article written by Dr Rachel Berners (Chinese Medicine).