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Inner Path is a Chinese medicine approach to Health and Empowerment. Dr Rachel Berners (Chinese medicine) is a Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist.

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My Writing


Innerpath Acupuncture

One night this week, i got home from work after a fairly ordinary day in clinic feeling incredibly exhausted.

I literally walked into my apartment, dropped my lap top and bag and crept into bed. As i lay there in total darkness, i put one hand on my lower abdomen, and my other hand gently on my chest. I allowed myself to go deeply inward. I dissolved in bed like this for around half an hour.

Later on this same evening, i decided to do a long meditation. I felt like i was being directed again to go deeply within. At some point during this meditation, i became aware of myself, not as a physical body, but as space, an empty void immersed in total blackness.

The next thing that i become aware of is a tremendous light moving beneath me. It moving upwards towards me. Then something very interesting happened. I felt two huge grids of light, one grid was moving itself upwards in front of me, and another was moving itself upwards behind me. The grids were radiating light energy through me, as they moved. I felt the most incredible sensation of energy being lifted up and out of me. These grids were liberating energy. They moved slowly, both in perfect precision with eachother. As they moved upwards, they finally reached a point in space that is level with the forehead of my physical body. Then the grids stopped. Now i am only aware of the space that my forehead takes up in space. The light is so bright that if it shone into my physical eyes, i would be blinded instantly. Then i feel energy expand from this point in space. Instead of being a single point of focus, i become aware of the space around this point in space. And then i become aware of the space around this space, around this point in space. And so on, until i feel completely connected to all of existence, from this single point in space.

When i got up the next morning, not only did i feel completely energized, but i felt the most incredible feeling of joy through my entire body. It was like all of the cells in my body were vibrating with a new energy. Pure ecstasy! And this feeling is still present as i am writing this blog.

Since this meditation i have been contemplating. How does healing really occur? I know when i have been challenged with physical issues, i often start thinking about "what i need to do", and "who i need to see" for treatment, and how i need to change my diet or environment. And all of these thoughts and ideas are completely valid and create positive change. But the message that this meditation brought to me was;

"Deep level healing is a radical LETTING GO, a complete SURRENDER of Body and Mind".

Meditation helps us to LET GO of ourselves; our body, our mind, our identity, our thoughts and emotions. We completely lose ourselves in the present moment. Instead of being "somebody", we become nobody, instead of being "somewhere", we become nowhere, instead of being in space and time, we move beyond space and time. In this LETTING GO, we merge with something greater. And as we merge with something greater, this DIVINE INTELLIGENCE that created us, is able to move within and around us.

Article by Rachel Berners, (Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner & Cat Lover).


Innerpath Acupuncture


Where we place our attention (energy) and for how long, governs our experience of life.

We live in a world where everything is competing for our attention. If we are not careful, we can easily get sucked into the addiction of the outer world. With the global web at our fingertips, we have never been more connected, yet at the same time we are dealing with a never ending source of stimulation.

To live in harmony, we must balance the experience of our outer world (yang) with our inner world (yin).

If we spend too much time focused on our outer world (people, places, things, check-lists, deadlines, pay-checks, problems Etc), it signals our bodies fight or flight response (fear) and we start to experience the physical symptoms of stress. We tend to dwell on things that worry or concern us, yet when we continue to place our attention (energy) on the things that are creating stress, all we do is attract more of that experience into our field. Living in a perpetual state of distraction and stress signals our genes to up-regulate proteins that trigger inflammation and disease.

When we "tune in" to our inner world, we place our attention (energy) on our internal landscape, the rhythm and depth of our breathing, the feelings and sensations in our body. We start to develop a relationship with our inner most self. By tuning inward we are letting go of the outer world and entering a place of deep stillness. A space for us "just to be". Balancing outward time with regular inward time helps us to recover from activity and exertion, reduces stress, and promotes the bodies natural self-regulating and self-healing mechanisms.

Research by the Heart Math Institute shows that regular practice of meditation creates greater levels of heart coherence, which reflects a more orderly and harmonious synchronization among various systems in the body. Heart coherence is associated with increased composure, increased energy levels, clear thinking, enhanced immune system function and hormonal balance (*See Reference Below).

Abandoning ourselves for the world creates suffering and disease. When we take the time to "tune inward", we give ourselves the greatest gift that we can give, that of our own presence.



Innerpath Acupuncture


Allow the collapse,
Allow the falling away of what is not right for you,
Allow the pain and struggle,
Allow the release of outdated beliefs and conditionings that tell you who and what you are,
Allow the slow uncovering of your whole true self,
And allow yourself time to grieve,
Stop, breathe and know that you are being redirected by the divine intelligence that created you.

It's easy to think that we are in control of this game,
That we are the master,
But we are not,
There is something much greater than us at work,
It sees what we cannot,
It knows what we cannot fathom,
It holds the blueprint of our becoming.

So when you are in pieces,
When nothing makes sense anymore,
When desperation sets in,
Know that the divine force of God (source) is within you,
Because we cannot shine with such heavy baggage,
We were never meant to carry this load.

And when all has fallen away,
When we are standing in the vast blackness of nothing,
When we stop clinging to the old and familiar,
When we just relax in this place,
We realize that we were enough the whole time.

Allow the collapse,
And in the collapsing,
Allow yourself to Emerge anew,
Free of locks and chains,
Free of limitation and doubt,
Freedom to be Who You Really Are.

And as you Emerge,
Allow the coming together,
Of all that is meant for you,
Because the future you have dared to dream,
It's coming for you,
In the space of your alignment,
In the beauty of your surrender.