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Inner Path is a Chinese medicine approach to Health and Empowerment. Dr Rachel Berners (Chinese medicine) is a Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist.

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Innerpath Acupuncture

 Photo: Spencer Selover

Photo: Spencer Selover

Lately i have been spending time in daily meditation, raising my energy and feeling truly grateful for being alive. Often, our busy day to day "go-mode" leaves little time for slowing down, reflecting and really being present in the moment. We have to create space for quiet time, to allow our minds to acquiesce and enter our inner world.

When we are in "go-mode", we are purely focused on our outer reality. We aren't checked in. Busy periods in our lives can "whoosh" by, leaving us feeling burnt out and disconnected. We are not designed to live this way. In Chinese Medicine we appreciate the body-minds fundamental need for balance (harmony). This means balancing "go-mode" with "still-mode". Without adequate "still-mode", we become out of touch with ourselves, our feelings, our emotions and our physical body. Illness strikes when we have exhausted our reserves, we are forced to slow down and re-direct.

For me, having a daily ritual (practice) for slowing down and re-centering is a vital aspect of my self-care. It helps me to ground back into my body, feel safe and connect to the true nature of who i am. This involves unplugging my energy from everything external (outside of me) and re-investing my energy back into the present moment. I practice meditation to achieve this, but there are many ways to slow down and re-connect. You may find that writing in a journal brings you back to your centre, or practicing some gentle yoga. Some form of creative art such as drawing or painting may centre you.

When we unplug and immerse oursleves in the present moment, it gives our analytical mind (responsible for "go-mode") a chance to rest. It helps our physical body to let go of built up tension. We become less focused on time. We move out of survival based emotions and re-connect with the pure joy and aliveness of right here, right now. The sympathetic nervous system (responsible for keeping us safe) switches off, and the parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for regulating the bodies innate self-healing capacity) switches back on. By balancing periods of activity with periods of rest (stillness) we enhance our bodies ability to repair itself.

An integral part of my daily centering practice is to shift my energy into a state of gratefulness and appreciation. Some days this is easy, i may have had a great day and have lots of positive things happening in my life. But what i have noticed is just how important it is to practice gratitude and appreciation when i am going through a more challenging time. When we are feeling stressed or over-whelmed in life, gratitude does not come as easily. Our outer reality may be triggering all sorts of negative emotions. It takes much more effort to change our inner state during these times. No matter what is happening in our outer reality, we can still choose to feel gratitude and appreciation for life. We can feel grateful to be alive in this moment, to have a body, to be taking this breath. We can choose to feel grateful for the simple things. The sensation of sunlight on our skin, noticing the beauty of mother nature, a simple interaction with a stranger. When we choose to focus our attention on noticing positive things, and appreciating them (no matter how small) we are lifting our energy frequency.

By taking the time to go inward, re-centre and feel deep appreciation for life, we are investing our energy back into ourselves and back into the present moment. This is the most basic form of self-care. By changing our inner state, we learn to master our body, our feelings and our emotions. We RE-CONNECT to the true nature of WHO WE REALLY ARE, and we radiate this joy and aliveness back into the world.

Wishing You Many Miracles on your Path!.

Rachel Berners, (Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner & Cat Lover).


Innerpath Acupuncture


Where we place our attention (energy) and for how long, governs our experience of life.

We live in a world where everything is competing for our attention. If we are not careful, we can easily get sucked into the addiction of the outer world. With the global web at our fingertips, we have never been more connected, yet at the same time we are dealing with a never ending source of stimulation.

To live in harmony, we must balance the experience of our outer world (yang) with our inner world (yin).

If we spend too much time focused on our outer world (people, places, things, check-lists, deadlines, pay-checks, problems Etc), it signals our bodies fight or flight response (fear) and we start to experience the physical symptoms of stress. We tend to dwell on things that worry or concern us, yet when we continue to place our attention (energy) on the things that are creating stress, all we do is attract more of that experience into our field. Living in a perpetual state of distraction and stress signals our genes to up-regulate proteins that trigger inflammation and disease.

When we "tune in" to our inner world, we place our attention (energy) on our internal landscape, the rhythm and depth of our breathing, the feelings and sensations in our body. We start to develop a relationship with our inner most self. By tuning inward we are letting go of the outer world and entering a place of deep stillness. A space for us "just to be". Balancing outward time with regular inward time helps us to recover from activity and exertion, reduces stress, and promotes the bodies natural self-regulating and self-healing mechanisms.

Research by the Heart Math Institute shows that regular practice of meditation creates greater levels of heart coherence, which reflects a more orderly and harmonious synchronization among various systems in the body. Heart coherence is associated with increased composure, increased energy levels, clear thinking, enhanced immune system function and hormonal balance (*See Reference Below).

Abandoning ourselves for the world creates suffering and disease. When we take the time to "tune inward", we give ourselves the greatest gift that we can give, that of our own presence.


The Divine has Your Back.

Innerpath Acupuncture


I see myself, as a tiny spec in the void. A tiny particle of matter. Way, way out in the distance. Like a single grain of sand, immersed in the vast darkness of infinite space. I see myself. As this little physical body. Sitting quietly. Legs crossed and eyes closed. I am so far away. Yet so close and connected.

I slowly extend a hand out into the void. I watch it travel through the blackness of space, moving further and further away. It becomes smaller, and smaller, and smaller, as it moves towards the tiny spec of my physical body. As i make contact, i gently rest this hand on my back, in between my shoulder blades.

Suddenly, i snap back into my physical body. Sitting here on the floor, in this room in meditation. As i sense the space around my body in space, i feel the presence of something behind me. It is moving towards me. I feel a hand gently resting in my middle back, in between my shoulder blades. I feel the presence of divine love. Its warmth and softness embraces me. Very slowly, it starts to move through me. Initially my body feels afraid. It resists and contracts. Clinging to the familiar. Without words it communicates with me;

"It's ok, you are safe, let go and allow me to move through you",

"Let Go, ..... And allow me to move through you".

I come undone. Emotions rise to the surface. Uncontrollable tears roll down my face as the past dissolves away. My body shakes as energy moves through me. I continue to let go and allow myself to merge with its presence. It is the greatest feeling of ecstasy i have ever known. I feel it in every cell of my body. My energy body is thrust upwards, out of my physical body. I am now floating in the vast blackness of infinite space. I am pure consciousness.

I am here. I always have been. I have had your back the whole time. But you have forgotten me. You have been trying so hard to do everything on your own. I know you are tired. I have been observing you. You have been tough out there. Trying so hard to protect yourself. Don't you know? You are me. I am you. We are not separate, but one. You are all of this. The whole of the cosmos lives inside of you. You are whole and complete. You always have been. You have never been lost or forgotten. There are no wrong turns. There are no mistakes. There are no accidents. Every experience on the physical plane has been perfectly timed to bring you to this moment. The eternal present now. Even in your darkest hour i was there, observing you. Reminding you.

Divine loving intelligence has our back at all times. It is not "out there", or unreachable. We do not need to pray to it, this only reinforces our separation from it. It is within us, and all around us at all times. When we become very still and surrender, it will reveal itself to us. It has been there all along. Waiting for us to come home.

Article written by Rachel Berners (Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner & Cat Lover).